Yes. Gifts such as books, school supplies are wonderful ice-breakers when you first meet your sponsored child. Practical gifts for the family like clothing or cooking utensils are also appropriate. When selecting gifts, please be sensitive to your sponsored child's lack of possessions and remember that other children in the community will likely be gathered around as well.

It is important not to make promises to your sponsored child to provide more help. VAVEZI communities are designed to promote self-reliance. Please do not give money to your sponsored child, family or community members. Please do not give your address to your sponsored child, their family or others in the community to avoid requests for additional funds.

Sending of small gifts

A Sponsor who wishes to send small gifts to children can send gifts that can be used by a number of children. Examples are;                

  • Footballs
  • Pens
  • T shirts
  • Toys

All gifts will be opened and screened at the vavezi office

VAVEZI office shall;

  • Record all gifts received
  • Deliver the gifts to the children
  • Collect and sent to the sponsor all acknowledgement letters from the children