Sponsor a Child

Definition of Sponsorship

Sponsorship is the process of linking children and families from poor communities with individuals, groups or companies locally and overseas, that desire to uplift the living conditions of children in order for them to realise their full potential.

This is achieved through giving financial or material support and building long term relationships between the children, their families and the sponsors. The recipients are referred to as the Sponsored Children and the givers are the Sponsors.                      



The objectives of Sponsorship are to;

  • Provide continuity of financial or in-kind support as opposed to a single donation.
  • Build long term relationships through communication exchanges.
  • Create and maintain transparency and accountability to VAVEZI, the families and the Sponsors.
  • Provide development information to raise people's awareness and personal commitment to help make long-term, positive changes for children

VAVEZI will use GROUP SPONSORSHIP, where a group of children is linked to an individual or a company or a group of sponsors through a communication package that is produced by the community and the Sponsored children, and sent electronically to the sponsors. This will be done in ways that protects and prevents children from abuse over the internet (refer to VAVEZI POLICY on Child sponsorship and Social Media).

The communication package will comprise;

  • Community profile and photos
  • Country profile and Map
  • Children's profiles and photos
  • Annual profile updates
  • Project Reports

Also note that additional communication required by the sponsor should be discussed and agreed between VAVEZI and the Sponsor.

The communication items will be produced through;

  • Interviews
  • Completion of questionnaires
  • Photographs
  • Short videos
  • Case studies