Writing your sponsored child

Why should i write?

Writing your sponsored child is incredibly rewarding. And for your sponsored child, a letter from some in another country is a huge thrill, proudly shared with family and friends. By sharing part of your life through a letter, you give your sponsored child the opportunity to write back and share about themselves. It's a connection you and your sponsored child will find fascinating and extremely fulfilling.

Letters and photos from sponsors often become the most treasured of a sponsored child's few possessions. Most importantly, your letters let your child know that someone really cares about them.

Writing is simple

Writing a letter to your sponsored child is as easy as writing a thank-you note. All you have to do is jot down a simple greeting and a few sentences about yourself and your family. If you have kids, you can ask them to create their own note or picture.          

Including photos and gifts

Feel free to include a few photos or write your note on a postcard (you'll still have to put in an envelope). You can even include pencils, a few sheets of stickers, hair ribbons, your country's flag or some finger puppets.

Letters are mechanically sorted as they make their way around the world, so bulky items can cause your letter and gifts to be delayed, ripped or damaged. Due to differing weight limits around the world, heavy items can incur fees or get held at the border. Make sure everything you send packs flat, is relatively light and fits in a 6x9 envelope.

Delivery and hearing back

Once your letter arrives in the country, VAVEZI staff will review, log and have your letter translated before delivering it to your child.

A few weeks after dropping off your letter, the process is reversed as a staff member returns to pick up a letter for you from your sponsored child, log it and mail it back to you. Due to this complexity, the whole process can take as long as a month.

More frequently asked questions

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